added configurability of different window size for title screens
[rocksndiamonds.git] / src / screens.c
2015-12-02 Holger Schemeladded configurability of different window size for...
2015-11-07 Holger Schemelcleanup of game mode handling
2015-11-07 Holger Schemelfixed broken border redraw of info screen after viewing...
2015-08-13 Holger Schemelfixed fading door areas when using different masked...
2015-06-25 Holger Schemelfixed a lot of bugs when using custom global borders...
2015-06-24 Holger Schemelfixed panel content of closing door 1 when leaving...
2015-06-14 Holger Schemelfixed and enhanced screen fading and global border...
2015-06-09 Holger Schemelsmall cleanup of screen fading code
2015-06-09 Holger Schemelcleanup of screen fading code
2015-06-09 Holger Schemelfixed and enhanced screen fading and global border...
2015-05-31 Holger Schemeladded setup option to enable/disable (now optional...
2015-05-30 Holger Schemelfixed bug in new generic menu handling code
2015-05-29 Holger Schemelchanged info and setup menu to use same generic menu...
2015-05-29 Holger Schemelfixed info screen menu handling to correctly use 'menu...
2015-05-29 Holger Schemeladded missing configurability of 'list_size' for info...
2015-05-17 Holger Schemelfixed minor bug with doors and envelope requests
2015-05-15 Holger Schemelremoved obsolete code for single-tile playfield redraw
2015-04-14 Holger Schemeladded program config file support for run-time special...
2015-04-07 Holger Schemeladded sound definitions for pressing and releasing...
2015-03-30 Holger Schemeladded setting engine snapshot mode to setup screen...
2015-03-10 Holger Schemeladded main menu backlink to level set selection
2015-03-07 Holger Schemeladded support for gadget-like pressable menu buttons...
2015-03-03 Holger Schemelrenamed function
2015-03-02 Holger Schemeladded manually edited non-preset audio volume values...
2015-02-20 Holger Schemeladded 1%, 2% and 5% to volume controls for sound and...
2014-11-21 Holger Schemelfixed menu display bugs caused by drawing outside menu...
2014-11-06 Holger Schemelfixed changing from title to info screen with custom...
2014-11-06 Holger Schemelremoved unused variable
2014-11-06 Holger Schemelfixed layout for 'level set info' to support custom...
2014-11-02 Holger Schemelfixed redraw/fade bugs when redefining the playfield...
2014-10-22 Holger Schemelfixed initialization bug when clearing menu list area
2014-10-20 Holger Schemelfixed some initialization bugs for scrollbars and main...
2014-10-20 Holger Schemelfixed using buttons on main screen with size other...
2014-10-17 Holger Schemelremoved some remaining unused X11 stuff
2014-10-16 Holger Schemelfixed bug not loading tape when selecting level from...
2014-10-14 Holger Schemelfixed menu display and key navigation bugs
2014-10-12 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'convert-src-to-7bit'
2014-10-09 Holger Schemeleliminated ISO-8859-1 characters from source code files
2014-10-03 Holger Schemeladded virtual keyboard on Android port when entering...
2014-09-29 Holger Schemelfixed display bugs with certain custom menu definitions
2014-09-16 Holger Schemelmajor cleanup of preprocessor hell
2014-09-14 Holger Schemelupdated contact info in source file headers
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140515-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140418-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140331-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140313-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140313-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140311-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140308-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140305-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140213-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140212-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140211-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140127-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140117-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140117-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140115-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140115-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140110-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140108-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140106-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140104-4-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140104-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140103-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131203-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131028-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20130916-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20111007-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100719-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100713-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100712-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100628-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100624-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100616-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100608-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100521-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100419-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100407-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100402-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100313-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100310-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091211-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091210-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20090919-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20080802-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20071020-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20071018-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd_jue-3.2.5
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070926-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070925-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070916-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070913-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070908-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070907-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070901-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070825-4-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070825-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070825-1-src