version number set to RC1
[rocksndiamonds.git] / src / main.h
2016-04-14 Holger Schemelversion number set to RC1
2016-04-14 Holger Schemelchanged year in copyright string to '2016'
2016-04-14 Holger Schemeladded support for separate animations for 'main only...
2016-04-12 Holger Schemeladded sound support for global animations
2016-04-09 Holger Schemeladded support for separate animations for single title...
2016-04-05 Holger Schemeladded using narrow fonts for setup values on setup...
2016-03-31 Holger Schemelremoved support for 'real' (non-desktop) fullscreen...
2016-03-06 Holger Schemeladded special screen mode group '.SUBMENU' for global...
2016-03-06 Holger Schemelchanged screen specific global animations to stop when...
2016-03-01 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'master' into global-anims
2016-02-26 Holger Schemelchanged global animations (esp. toons) to be controlled...
2016-02-23 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'master' into global-anims
2016-02-17 Holger Schemeladded drawing global animations below and above masked...
2016-02-14 Holger Schemelremoved global animation configuration option '.step_fr...
2016-02-10 Holger Schemeladded another configuration option for global animation...
2016-02-10 Holger Schemeladded some more configuration options for global animat...
2016-02-09 Holger Schemeladded initialization of textures for classic toon anima...
2016-02-03 Holger Schemeladded raw x/y screen position values for global animations
2016-02-03 Holger Schemelseparated graphic and control definitions for global...
2016-02-02 Holger Schemeladded another configuration option for global animation...
2016-02-02 Holger Schemeladded some configuration options for global animation...
2016-01-12 Holger Schemeladded configuration handling for global animations...
2015-12-21 Holger Schemelfixed hierarchical definitions for title screen transitions
2015-12-09 Holger Schemelimproved and extended definitions for title screen...
2015-12-02 Holger Schemeladded configurability of different window size for...
2015-11-07 Holger Schemelfixed broken border redraw of info screen after viewing...
2015-09-01 Holger Schemeladded new level option to only redraw off-screen player...
2015-08-12 Holger Schemelfixed bug with mis-using image config option '.tile_siz...
2015-06-21 Holger Schemelextended automatic tape playing modes
2015-06-14 Holger Schemelfixed and enhanced screen fading and global border...
2015-05-29 Holger Schemeladded missing configurability of 'list_size' for info...
2015-05-21 Holger Schemeladded artwork options for request dialog alignment
2015-05-19 Holger Schemelremoved unused code for FPS slowdown
2015-05-15 Holger Schemelremoved obsolete code for single-tile playfield redraw
2015-04-15 Holger Schemeladded option for window icon file to run-time special...
2015-04-14 Holger Schemeladded program config file support for run-time special...
2015-03-18 Holger Schemelimproved dynamic layout of editor gadgets (continued)
2015-03-17 Holger Schemelimproved dynamic layout of editor gadgets (continued)
2015-02-12 Holger Schemeladded zoom functionality for playfield drawing area...
2015-02-05 Holger Schemeladded configurability of editor control buttons (toolbo...
2015-01-24 Holger Schemelchanged year in copyright string to '2015'
2014-12-09 Holger Schemeladded some more graphics customization options for...
2014-10-17 Holger Schemelremoved some remaining unused X11 stuff
2014-10-12 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'convert-src-to-7bit'
2014-10-12 Holger Schemelfinally fixed some internal ISO-8859-1 character encodings
2014-10-09 Holger Schemeleliminated ISO-8859-1 characters from source code files
2014-10-07 Holger Schemelfixed bug when changing between graphic sets with diffe...
2014-09-16 Holger Schemelmajor cleanup of preprocessor hell
2014-09-14 Holger Schemelupdated contact info in source file headers
2014-09-11 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'topic-tilesize-cleanup'
2014-09-04 Holger Schemeladded custom graphics properties to define image and...
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140515-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140515-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140430-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140418-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140307-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140307-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140305-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140305-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140227-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140225-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140224-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140219-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140212-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140211-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140129-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140108-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140103-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131212-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131202-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131113-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131028-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20111007-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100713-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100712-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100630-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100624-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100623-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100623-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100615-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100613-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100609-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100608-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100521-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100422-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100417-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100416-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100407-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100402-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100325-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100313-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100310-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100309-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100213-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100202-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100110-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091211-1-src