added first version of simple click events for global animations
[rocksndiamonds.git] / src / libgame / misc.c
2017-04-18 Holger Schemeladded first version of simple click events for global...
2017-02-03 Holger Schemelimproved terminal/logfile output of automatic tape...
2017-01-14 Holger Schemelfixed determining program main data path for Mac OS X
2017-01-08 Holger Schemelchanged program main data path (for compatibility with...
2017-01-06 Holger Schemelfixed determining program main data path for Mac OS X
2016-12-19 Holger Schemelimproved performance of artwork config initialization...
2016-12-18 Holger Schemeladded option '--mytapes' to use private tapes for tape...
2016-06-09 Holger Schemelfixed bugs that happen under certain conditions when...
2016-04-21 Holger Schemelminor whitespace change
2016-04-18 Holger Schemeladded generic solution for naming conventions of extra...
2016-04-18 Holger Schemelfixed bug with changing hash while iterating over it
2016-04-15 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'global-anims'
2016-03-31 Holger Schemelremoved support for 'real' (non-desktop) fullscreen...
2016-03-31 Holger Schemelremoved unused (obsolete) option to specify X11 server...
2016-03-09 Holger Schemeladded new animation mode (modifier) 'once' for global...
2016-03-01 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'master' into global-anims
2016-02-23 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'master' into global-anims
2016-02-15 Holger Schemeladded support for playing global animations in differen...
2016-02-03 Holger Schemeladded accepting control definitions (without artwork...
2016-02-02 Holger Schemelfixed backwards compatibility code regarding PCX/PNG...
2016-02-02 Holger Schemelremoved busy waiting when sleeping/delaying
2016-02-02 Holger Schemeladded abstractions for checking and resetting frame...
2016-02-02 Holger Schemeladded some configuration options for global animation...
2015-12-06 Holger Schemelfixed error exit when loading empty artwork config...
2015-11-25 Holger Schemeladded definitions for new screen transition effect...
2015-10-22 Holger Schemelfixed aborting program due to '-psn' parameter when...
2015-10-22 Holger Schemelfixed horrible bug causing memory access after last...
2015-10-15 Holger Schemelimproved handling of R'n'D program filenames with suffix
2015-06-26 Holger Schemelfixed inline function definitions
2015-06-26 Holger Schemelfixed directory check to use POSIX macros
2015-05-18 Holger Schemelfixed bug in counter wait function
2015-04-22 Holger Schemeladded lag prevention to door/request/envelope animations
2015-04-21 Holger Schemelimproved logfile handling
2015-04-14 Holger Schemeladded program config file support for run-time special...
2015-03-24 Holger Schemeladded step-based engine snapshots to undo/redo game...
2015-03-06 Holger Schemelimproved workaround for valid Android asset directory...
2015-03-06 Holger Schemelimproved logging functions
2015-03-02 Holger Schemeladded null pointer checks to string functions
2014-12-13 Holger Schemelfixed loading custom PCX image files with default artwo...
2014-10-27 Holger Schemelfixed some smaller issues with loading custom artwork
2014-10-17 Holger Schemelfixed logging fatal errors
2014-10-17 Holger Schemelremoved some remaining unused X11 stuff
2014-10-12 Holger SchemelMerge branch 'convert-src-to-7bit'
2014-10-09 Holger Schemelfixed handling of some non-ASCII character elements...
2014-10-09 Holger Schemeleliminated ISO-8859-1 characters from source code files
2014-09-16 Holger Schemelmajor cleanup of preprocessor hell
2014-09-14 Holger Schemelupdated contact info in source file headers
2014-09-02 Holger Schemelfixed bug with option '-v' displaying version instead...
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140828-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140827-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140515-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140515-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140115-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140114-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140106-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140104-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20140104-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131228-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131217-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131216-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131212-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131211-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131210-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131209-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131202-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131120-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20131113-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrocksndiamonds-
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20130916-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20111007-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100521-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100401-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100326-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100325-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20100309-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091211-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091205-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091202-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20091101-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20080802-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20071020-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd_jue-3.2.5
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070926-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070926-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070925-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070901-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070427-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070427-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070425-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070407-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070407-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070407-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070404-2-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070327-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070324-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070322-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070321-1-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070318-3-src
2014-08-30 Holger Schemelrnd-20070315-2-src